A Fab Sunscreen For The Eye Area

Hi all! Sorry for the lag in posts but I just got back from Paris, and it was a whirlwind trip! I’ll post some photos next time. Warmer weather and sunshine are finally here, so I wanted to post about a fab sunscreen for the eye area. The eye area is the first one to show signs of aging and it’s important to protect it as much as possible, especially from the damaging rays of the sun. I have been putting normal sunscreen around my eyes for years, but my eyes are sensitive and many sunscreens irritate my eyes. I found an eye cream from Clinique with sunscreen in it that doesn’t bother my eyes, and it’s a great eye cream!

 Clinique Superdefense Age Defense Eye Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 20 (that’s a mouthful, right??). $35.55 with free shipping and returns.

A Fab Sunscreen For The Eye Area



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