Another Great Way To Keep Your Feet Warm

Unless it’s 80 degrees out, my feet are cold. And in this chilly, icy, snowy weather, my feet are always freezing. I was wearing my rain boots the other day and in an hour, my toes were numb. I came home and put on my UGGs, and my feet were happy. That got me thinking, “Why can’t I put sheepskin insoles in my rain boots? Or any other boots?” I immediately ordered a pair of insoles and the next time I went out with my rain boots, my feet were toasty AND comfy. Sheepskin insoles are another great way to keep your feet warm! They are quite thick though, so you need to have a good amount of room in the shoes or boots you’ll be putting them in. I’m buying my boots a size bigger from now on!!

UGG Sheepskin Insole. Free shipping and free returns. $15

Another Great Way To Keep Your Feet Warm



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