My Go-To Bag For Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week for spring 2015 starts today, and I’m so excited!! I’ll be working backstage at a bunch of shows, and I can’t wait to see the clothes. I work with the models to make sure the looks are executed correctly (sometimes designers can be very picky about the looks, they’ll want the handbag to be carried in a specific hand or the belt to be fastened on a specific side).

The call time for people working backstage is anywhere from 2-4 hours before the show, so I am on my feet for a good bit of time, and I always have my stylist kit with me that includes everything I could possibly need: double-sided tape, a lint roller, shoe insoles, thread cutter, pasties, flashlight (the electricity went out 10 mins before a show started!) and on and on. I also bring shoes because sometimes I go from one show to another and need to change out my shoes. The temperature in the tents can be 75 degrees or it can be 55 degrees, so I have to wear layers and bring a sweater with me. Basically, I dress for comfort compared to the people attending the shows who dress to look in fashion. And because I carry so much with me, I use a backpack. I have been looking for one that is more stylish than my current one, and after searching I found a really cute backpack that will be my go-to bag for Fashion Week.

Sam Edelman Backpack. $108

My Go-To Bag For Fashion Week



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