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As a fashion stylist, I am often asked for tips. I’m happy to share my fashion faves with you.

  • Ever since my mom bought me a pair of pink cowboy boots in Paris in the 1980s, I have loved boots. The proper way to store them is standing up with boot trees to help keep their shape. I would go broke buying boot trees for each pair though. So, I roll up old magazines and stick them in each boot.
  • I hated the way my pants always bunched up in boots, so I bought a pair of mitten clips (the kind that kids use to attach mittens to their coats), and I clip one to each side of my pants. Voila! Instant stirrup pants and no more bunching. They are available at Amazon  for less than $10 a pair (and Amazon ships internationally for those of you living abroad). Click here to find them: mitten clips.
  • Fishing tackle boxes make a great jewelry box. They come in different sizes to hold what I’ve got, and they have lots of compartments to divide the goodies up. They even come in a myriad of colors. I also use them to bring jewelry and styling supplies to photo shoots. Any Walmart or Target or sporting goods store will have them.
A tackle box can double as a jewelry box


  • Nivea cream will keep your leather jackets supple, especially if you live in a place where the winters are very dry. Before you use Nivea though, try it on a tiny spot on the inside of your jacket. Wait a couple days to make sure it won’t leave a grease mark or damage the jacket in any way. If it looks good, smear a very thin layer on the item and rub it in with a soft cloth.
  • I love cashmere, but it pills easily and looks terrible when it does. A sweater shaver fixes the problem. I use my mine all the time. It does a great job of getting rid of the pills and makes my sweaters look like new. I use a large-sized one so it takes less time. This is the new version of the one I have, available at Amazon for $8.83: sweater shaver.
  • Topstick is a must-have for fashion stylists. It is a two-sided tape that was originally created to keep wigs in place. Every plunging neckline at the Oscars is held in place by this amazing product. I have used it to keep heels from lifting out of shoes, zipper covers from sticking out, skirts from turning around, collars from sticking up, to close the gap between buttons on blouses and cardigans, reattach a fallen hem and more. The Vapon brand strips work best. You can order a package of 50 for $3.99 at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply (where all the fashion stylists get their supplies). Here is the web page: topstick.
  • I don’t always have the time (or inclination) to put my clothes away at the end of the day. But, I don’t want them crumpled on chair either. I found a great bamboo ladder a few years ago. Now I lay my clothes on it until I get a chance to hang them up. It’s very stylish and practical as well. If you live in an apartment with little space, you can use it to store sweaters or jeans.
    A ladder is a great place to hang clothes 

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  1. FABULOUS tips, as usual, Illysia! I’m getting great inspiration from your posts, and now I know the secret to get those pesky pills off my cashmere sweaters!

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