The Best Travel Size Perfume Atomizer

One of my favorite things about working backstage at New York Fashion Week is all the free goodies I get. A lot of it is junk, but every once in while I get something that I love. Travalo refillable perfume atomizer was exactly what I needed. I always carry a small perfume atomizer with me and, believe it or not, I used a tiny funnel to refill it. That’s fragrance dedication for you, right? With Travalo, just pull off the spray nozzle of any fragrance bottle. Put Travalo on top, and pump a few times to fill it up. That’s all. And it holds 50 full sprays when filled. It’s the best travel size perfume atomizer!

Travalo Classic Refillable Perfume Spray. Available in silver, gold, red, pink and black. $15.99