How To Wear Lingerie as Outerwear

Whether you like the TV show Gossip Girl or not, you have to admit that the fashion is fabulous! Yesterday on the show, Blake Lively wore a Josie Natori chemise layered under a skirt, sweater and scarf. Lingerie as outerwear is chic and Lively’s take on it was very unique. 

The 100% silk charmeuse chemise that Blake Lively wore is available at for $295.

When layering lingerie, there is a fine line between what works for the bedroom and what works as streetwear. Here are a couple rules for how to wear lingerie as outerwear.

1. Wear proper foundation garments. A bra is definitely necessary!! If the piece is cut very low, wear a tank top underneath.

2. To make lingerie street chic, juxtapose the soft femininity with something hard-edged, like boots or a leather jacket, or masculine like a blazer. 

3. If you’re wearing a chemise or slipdress, make sure the length is appropriate. If it’s not, layer it under a skirt (as Lively did) or pants.

4. Don’t show too much skin or you’ll look like a streetwalker, not a trendsetter.

5. Don’t try this look at the office unless you work in a creative environment. It’s usually best reserved for nighttime or for a weekend. 

Lingerie as outerwear started with Madonna in the 80s, but it’s come a long way since then. Play around with different looks to figure out how to make this trend your own!

Illysia Neumann-Loreck