ABC … the perfect T

Spring is here! Have you started your search for the perfect T-shirt? It can as elusive as Big Foot. The color should be bright and fun without being juvenile. The length has to be right. Too short and your muffin top will show. Too long, and it turns into a nightie. The neckline needs to be deep enough to be flattering (see my last blog about cutting your not-so-perfect tees). Well my fabulous friends, the search is over!

A couple years ago, I discovered the perfect T-shirt at H&M … for just $9.95. That is not a typo! It comes in a variety of colors with a different, cute vintage logo on each. It is the right length, has a universally flattering fit and a nice, deep V-neck. As an added bonus, it is really, really comfortable. Every season, H&M has new colors and logos, and the price (!!) means I can stock up. I like to wear them over Old Navy ribbed tank tops (only $8.50 each) for a fun, layered look. H&M doesn’t offer online shopping, but you can see the selection of colors available this season on on their website: The tanks are available in an amazing array of colors here:

While you’re at H&M, don’t forget to check out their budget-conscious but chic jewelry and hats (I just got a black straw fedora for $9.95, very similar to one I saw at Nordstrom the same day for $160).

The perfect T-shirt layered over a fun tank