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Illysia has been interested in fashion since she was in diapers. Most people thought she was babbling in baby talk, but she was really bring to explain how to accessorize her ensemble. She is a fashion stylist and writer.

My Go-To Outfit For Fall

Happy Labor Day! Is anyone else completely freaked out that it’s already September 7th??? I just got back from a monthlong trip to Europe (and I know how lucky I am!!). We drove through the Alps to Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and took a quick ferry ride over and back to France, just to add another country to our roster. It was an amazing trip, and I got to see places and things I’ve never seen before (cows in the Alps really do wear giant cow bells!).

Now I’m back and ready for fall. I love that time before it gets cold when you can start to wear fall fashions without all the layering of hats and coats and scarves. I saw a ton of plaid shirts in Europe, so that seems to be a big trend for fall. I wanted to find one that wasn’t too much like a lumberjack that I could pair with sleek black jeans and high black booties to make it trés chic for running around New York City. Here is my go-to outfit for fall. And the prices are amazing!

Plaid Boyfriend Shirt. Free shipping and free returns. Was $68.00, now $40.80

my go-to outfit for fall

Black Skinny Cargo Jeans. Free shipping and free returns. Was $59.00, now $35.40

My Go-To Outfit For Fall

Pointed Toe Booties. Free shipping on $150 or more. $150.00

My Go-To Outfit For Fall

Stingray-Embossed Clutch. Free shipping on $150 or more. $85.00

My Go-To Outfit For Fall

I would wear the front of the shirt tucked in and leave the back untucked, so it’s flowy. That will look great to offset the skinny jeans. And the stingray-embossed clutch adds even more sophistication. Statement earrings or a statement necklace completes the look!