The Shoe Trend For Spring

I posted about slip-on sneakers last summer, when the trend was just starting, but it has really taken hold for spring. It’s a great style to wear with shorts, dresses, jeans, chinos, whatever. I bought mine before my trip to Paris because I knew I’d be walking around all day long, and they were soooo comfortable. Slip-ons are the shoe trend for spring! Here are 5 pair that are totally chic (and versatile) for spring. And, they’re all under $75!

Vans Metallic Slip-Ons. $59.95

The Shoe Trend For Spring

Keds Woven Stripe Slip-Ons. $54.00

The Shoe Trend For Spring

Bucketfeet Pineappleade Slip-Ons. $64.95

The Shoe Trend For Spring

Steve Madden Perforated Slip-Ons. $69.95

Bucketfeet Aspara Slip-Ons. $64.95



3 thoughts on “The Shoe Trend For Spring

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  2. and what do you think of the Vince version, specifically the Blair? I am trying to wrap my head (or feet) around this style. I don’t like sneakers, I don’t like loafers, so why am I even considering these?? Ha. Does this style actually look cute on? (Of your choices, I am kinda liking the Vans metallics.)

    • Hi Judy,
      The Blair has a cushier heel, which is always good, but I don’t think you need to spend so much money on the trend. The style does look cute on, I have a pair that I wear a lot. I would stay away from wearing them with cropped pants or they could make your legs shorter, but otherwise they are cute. Maybe you should go to Bloomies and try a pair on?

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