How to Get Soft, Smooth Arms

I know it’s only February and we’ve had 4 snowstorms in one week here on the East coast,  but I am starting my spring rituals to get my skin soft and smooth in preparation for warm weather (I know I’m super early, but maybe hoping and prepping will help spring come sooner!). One of those rituals is for my arms. I get bumps on the back of my arms that drive me crazy, but I had never found a cream that could really make them disappear.

I have been seeing ads for KP Duty lotion for years, and I finally decided to try it. I bought it at Sephora because it’s not cheap, and they take returns if you don’t like a product, even if it’s been used. Within a few days, all my bumps were completely gone! Amazing! I am totally convinced that Derma Doctor’s KP Lotion is how to get soft, smooth arms.

KP Duty Lotion. 1 oz. for $10 or 4 oz. for $38. Free shipping if you spend more than $50.

How to Get Soft, Smooth Arms



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  1. FYI- those bumps are called Keratosis Pilaris (hence the KP)! There isn’t any great medical treatment for it, so glad to hear you found something!!

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