The Bootie I Get Stopped On The Street About

I am always looking for a great pair of low-heel booties to walk around NYC. It seems like most of the stylish ones have heels that are sky high. I wish I could wear them on a regular basis but after walking a few blocks, I look like a five year old wearing her mom’s heels. After scouring the internet, I found a pair of flat booties that I loved. I was so excited when they arrived because they are totally cute and totally comfy (especially after I added an insole). Every time I wear them, this is the bootie I get stopped on the street about. I love that the cap toe is leather not metal, so it won’t get scratched up. And even though they look expensive, they are very budget friendly!

Kenneth Cole Silver Cap Toe Bootie. Free shipping and free returns. $150

The Bootie I Get Stopped On The Street About



2 thoughts on “The Bootie I Get Stopped On The Street About

    • Great question Alexa! Definitely cuff them! You can either wear black socks scrunched down to bridge the gap between the jean and the bootie, or you can let some skin show:-)

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