What To Wear To Start Your Exercise Program

It’s January 16th, and I’m ready to get in the best shape of my life! I have been a slug since we moved last April, which is a bummer because I had been doing Pilates 4 times a week for the past several years. But, we have been undergoing almost constant renovation at our new place, and I just couldn’t make it to work out when there were contractors here all day, every day. I’m lucky I managed to get to the supermarket!

It’s a new year though, and my renovation will be over in the next week. I’ve already scouted out a fitness studio that is ballet-based, and I can’t wait to try it. Even if I’m terribly out of shape, I still feel like I (sort of) fit in if I wear some stylish activewear. I found a really cute outfit that will help me get into shape again. I’m convinced a great outfit is what to wear to start your exercise program!

Flare Chatarunga Tight. I don’t love really bright colors or patterns, so this subtle grey on black tight is perfect for me. $74

What To Wear To Start Your Exercise Program

Sentry Sweatshirt. I am always cold when I start exercising in the winter, so this sweatshirt will help me warm up. And when I do get warm, it’s easy to take off. $69

What To Wear To Start Your Exercise Program

Athleta Fastest Track Tank. I love the color and silhouette of this tank. I’ll wear it as a layering piece under sweaters and shirts too. Love the black band on the bottom! $44

What To Wear To Start Your Exercise Program

Gaiam Yoga Socks. These socks are really comfortable to wear in an exercise class and I feel like they’re good for my toes. Also, the non-slip grip means that I can do the floor exercises without slipping around. $9.99 plus free shipping above $35

What To Wear To Start Your Exercise Program



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  1. Love the tights, very interesting, I’d like to wear them with a dress. I’m with you, a cute outfit can be very motivating!

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