Help For Keeping Fit In 2015

When I went skiing with my extended family last Christmas, they all had new fitness bands  to track their activity and their sleep. I loved the idea of being able to count how many steps I had taken during the day and to analyze my sleep, so I ordered one too. I’ve been wearing it for the past year, and it’s been great.

Obviously I know when I’m having a lazy or active day, but my tracking band lets me look on my iPhone to see exactly how many steps I’ve taken. I can be proud of myself when I surpass my daily goal of 10,000, or I can try to push myself when I see that I’ve only taken 3,000 steps by the afternoon. It even vibrates when I’ve been sitting too long to remind me to get up and walk around. It also tells me my longest active and idle time, how many calories I burned, how long it took me to fall asleep, how many times I woke up, how long I slept and what part of that was sound or light sleep. It will definitely help for keeping fit in 2015!

Jawbone Up24 Activity Tracker. Comes in 5 colors and 3 sizes. Target is having an amazing special on this band – it’s $50 less expensive than it usually is!! Free shipping. $79.99

Help For Keeping Fit In 2015

Tip: Wear the band on your less dominant wrist. I’m a righty, so I wear the band on my left wrist. When I’m brushing my teeth or doing something else with my right hand, I don’t get a false number of steps.



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  1. Happy New Year, Illysia! Interesting post! One of my resolutions is to get more excercise, a fitness band will definitely help! Thanks.

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