Parisian Doors

Last year I did a post on the doors and gates of Paris, which I think are so artful. I was afraid people would think I was crazy, but I actually got great feedback. (You can check out the post here.) This year, I was interested in the decoration on the Parisian doors and I found some great sculptures and ironwork. Hope you enjoy the Parisian doors as much as I did!

Parisian Doors

Parisian Doors

Parisian Doors









6 thoughts on “Parisian Doors

  1. Nice shots! Some of those are kind of scary … What neighborhoods did you find them in? And any new resto recommendations??

    • I was everywhere from the 1st to the 16th, so I found these all over the place. No new recommendations besides what I listed in my Paris post. I try a couple new places every trip, but I go back to my favorites as well:-)

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