Get The Dewy Look In Two Steps

I lived in Hong Kong for four years, and I loved every minute of it. Besides learning about the culture and food, I also picked up a great beauty tip. I would see some of the locals pulling out a small blue paper and quickly dabbing their face when they thought no one was looking. I started keeping watch and finally figured out that they were using oil absorbing sheets. I decided to try them myself, and I was hooked. I haven’t used powder in over 10 years.

As you age, powder can make your skin look crepey and settle in fine lines. To keep your face looking youthful, you can get the dewy look in two steps:

  1. Apply moisturizer and, if necessary, foundation
  2. Use an oil-absorbing sheet to blot off any excess oil on your face. You’ll be amazed at the oil that comes off without smudging your makeup!

I keep these sheets with me during the day and blot whenever I go to the ladies room. It’s a great tip now that the weather is get cooler. Your skin may be a bit dry for powder, but you won’t want to look greasy.

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2 thoughts on “Get The Dewy Look In Two Steps

  1. Saw these today on sale at my local CVS, buy 1 get 1 50% off. Tried them and love them! When you feel the texture of the sheet it doesn’t seem that absorbent, but they REALLY work. My husband tried one and kept one of the packs.

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