Do My Back

Have you ever been at the beach or pool desperately trying to put suncream on your back while your companion is nowhere to be found (that would be me in Aruba last week!)? Or maybe you’re alone at a resort, trying to get over a heartbreak and really don’t want to ask the cute couple beside you to cream your back. That’s exactly what happened to Kate Slavin when she went away to get over her ex.

When she got home, Kate realized there wasn’t a product out there to help get lotion on those hard-to-reach spots. She¬†created Do My Back, a portable, foldable lotion applicator that is a necessity at the pool, beach or in the bath. It’s even great for self-tanner and at $22 including 4 sponge applicators and the handle, it’s a great price! Check it out at

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 9.57.26 PM

DMB Folded and Un-Folded

DMB Girl



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